Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad

Beef Salad This easy-to-make healthy recipe is a sure-fire way to lose some of that unwanted weight while enjoying such a delicious treat. The Thai Beef Salad is an explosion of flavors that will surely...

Singaporean Chili Crab Recipe

Crab This intensely popular Singaporean dish was created in 1950 by Madam Cher yam Tian, a Singaporean chef and Mr Lim Choon Ngee, her husband. The combination of flavors as well as the heat brought upon...
Cambodian Fish Amok

Cambodian Fish Amok

Cambodian Fish Amok The Fish Amok is the national dish of Cambodia, and is traditionally referred to as “Khmer” food. Traditionally, the dish is cooked by steaming the fish in banana leaf cups for 15...

South East Asia Travel

national-museum Indonesia

Museum Tour of Jakarta

Indonesia's capital city is home to some spectacular museums. Both locals and tourists alike flock to these museums...
luxury bangkok

Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok--truly a city that never sleeps! However, you may wish to rest well during your stay in this bustling city that...

Bali Travel Tips and Dangers

  Traveling through Bali and Indonesia in general can be genuinely exciting and amazing. The wonderful culture,...

Learning the Airport Code

If you fly regularly, you have probably noticed it on your ticket, itinerary or luggage tag – that often mysterious...
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