Water Chalet

Water Chalet

“There are plenty of hotels, most of which are built to blend with the look of the old town, using locally-woven fabrics and local dark woods.”

A honeymoon is, for most couples, a once-in-a-lifetime milestone event. That is why there is no excuse not to make it such a special occasion. While most honeymooners traditionally gravitate to the warm waters of the Caribbean, many couples are exploring Southeast Asia for its perfect weather during the summer months of March and April. you enjoy the sunshine, top-caliber hotels, fantastic nightlife, fabulous sceneries, and endless opportunities to create memorable moments. you want a vibrant nightlife? Go to Bali in Indonesia or jet off to Singapore. If you seek peace and quiet and time for yourselves  check out the options in Cambodia, Lao PDR or vietnam. If you want the best of both worlds, book your honeymoon in Malaysia, Thailand, or the Philippines. Southeast Asia has historical sites and fascinating culture as well as fantastic beach resorts. It can be a long flight if you are from the West but it is worth the trip.

If you are getting married in March or April, Sabah is a good place to go. Rainfall is almost non-existent and the country is not yet at the peak of its tourist season. you can consider Kota Kinabalu, Sepilok, Selingan and Lankayan Islands, Sipadan and Mabul Islands, Danum valley or Kinabalu NP Sarawak also has Batang Ai, Mulu National  Park, Damai Beach and Kuching. The average temperature is 28 °C (82.4 °F), just right for soaking up the sun on the beach, exploring natural sights, and enjoying the peace and quiet for your private moments.

Sipadan IslandCambodia has splendid weather across March and April. The tourists are just starting to come and you can have plenty of days by yourself, exploring the temples in Angkor or spending quality time at the south coast beaches of Cambodia. The best places to go to are in Kampot, Kep and Koh Kong.

Laos is an emerging tourist destination, and has been chosen as the Best Tourism Destination in the World for 2013. A recommended place to check out for your honeymoon is Luang Prabang, where the average temperature is just 29 °C (84.2 °F). There are plenty of hotels, most of which are built to blend with the look of the old town, using locally-woven fabrics and local dark woods. North of the city is the Pak Ou Caves where you will find rows and rows of wooden Buddha statues. Next door is the elephant camp. you can learn the ways of the mahout or just watch the elephants having their morning bath. If you are quite adventurous, check out the options at Phong Sali and see the vieng Xai caves.

Malaysia offers plenty of choices for a beach honeymoon. you can go to Langkawi or Penang. The countryside is peaceful and beautiful, yet there are modern conveniences. Take a thrilling cable car ride up to Mount Mat Cincang. Enjoy the Hot Springs or the Beach of Black Sand. How about a boat tour to Tasik Dayang Bunting, the Gua Langsir or the Gua Cerita?


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