Non Profit Organization“There are many nonprofit organizations that seek to help communities, families or individuals in different parts of the Southeast Asian region. Almost all ASEAN countries are recipients of nonprofit support or are beneficiaries of nonprofit advocacies. Some of the biggest and  well-established nonprofits in ASEAN countries are featured below.”


National Outstanding Farmer Association or NOFA is one of the leading nonprofits in Indonesia. The independent organization is dedicated to promoting the welfare of farmers. It aims to empower farmers, help enable self-governance, enhance farming capability to strengthen their bargaining position, and build economic potency through capacity building.

The Smile Foundation of Bali, a nonprofit group that helps fix craniofacial disabilities is locally known as the Yayasan Senyum. It aims to facilitate operations for people with craniofacial deformities, especially those who have cleft lip and palate problems. The foundation provides free and post-operative support. Another Indonesian nonprof i t organization is the Lontar Foundation. It is an independent group that aims to stimulate the development of Indonesian literature, make it more accessible to different parts of the world and preserve the literary records of Indonesia.


IM4U, also known as iM4U and 1Malaysia for Youth, is a group sanctioned by the Government of Malaysia. This was founded by Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2012. It aims to promote volunteering among the youth of Malaysia. Malaysia also has the Global Environment Centre (GEC), a nonprofit group dedicated to addressing environmental issues especially those that involve water resources, biodiversity, and climate change. Its official mission statement asks members “to support the protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources to meet local, regional and global needs through strategic partnerships with communities and like-minded organisations.”

The Borneo Chi ld Aid Society addresses children’s issues in Malaysia This nonprofit organization is based in Sabah and is locally known as the “Humana Child Aid Society Sabah.” It aims to help provide education to the children of mostly Indonesian and Filipino plantation workers in Sabah through open learning centers.


The Philippines has a multitude of nonprofit organizations. One of them is the ICanServe Foundation, founded by a journalist cancer survivor. This non-stock organization promotes the early detection of breast cancer through self-examination.

The International Deaf Education Association is an organization created to help deaf and blind people who are impoverished and have been neglected by their families.

The Philippines also has a nonprofit group for people in the business sector. This is the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), the country’s biggest corporate-led social development foundation. It is dedicated to helping poor people escape poverty and become selfreliant.


Singapore may be considered a rich country but it also relies on nonprofits to pursue a number of endeavors or advocacies. The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is an international nonprofit organization established in 1997 by the countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). It aims to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Asia and Europe.

Research and Advocacy Standing Committee is a Singaporean nonprofit created to extend assistance to citizens. It is composed of professionals and representatives from the health, social service and law enforcement sectors. The committee aims to properly train professionals to work with victims of child abuse. It also seeks to educate and advise caregivers on effective method for child upbringing.

To address environment and nature problems and issues in Singapore, Nature Society was born. This volunteer-run nongovernmental, nonprofit organization is devoted to the preservation and appreciation of the natural heritage of Singapore and is actively involved in the Sungei Buloh, Lower Peirce, and Chek Jawa issues.

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