Project Pearls Volunteers

Project Pearls Volunteers

“There are many nonprofit organizations that seek to help communities, families or individuals in different parts of the Southeast Asian region. Almost all ASEAN countries are recipients of nonprofit support or are beneficiaries of nonprofit advocacies. Some of the biggest and well-established nonprofits in ASEAN countries are featured below.”

Southeast Asia is home to a good number of nonprofits that provide care and assistance to children and seniors. Some of them are international organizations while some are locally established nonprofits advocating the care of needy and displaced children and seniors. They may have different focuses but the core mission is to help, serve the needs, and to uplift the lives of lonely, troubled, neglected and abandoned children and elderly people.


Children International operates in the United States, South America, Mexico, Philippines and Zambia. It aims to address the problem of poverty through various programs that center on youth development, health and nutrition, education, infrastructure building, abuse prevention, disaster readiness, and the mitigation of risks. The group provides dental and medical care, life skills and leadership trainings, as well as educational support.


A mother and daughter tandem created Project PEARLS. It is involved in outreach efforts in a dumpsite community called Ulingan (charcoal factories) and Helping Land in Tondo, Manila. The organization provides weekly feeding programs, scholarships, and medical missions. Project PEARLS aims to put an end to poverty by reaching out to the poorest of the poor Filipino children through a variety of outreach programs. PEARLS stands for Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect Love, and Smiles — six gifts the organization
wants to impart to the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the Philippines.


Created in 2005, COSA facilitates community development, empowerment and education, and provides shelter to atrisk young girls in the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand. The non-religious and privatelyfunded organization addresses child exploitation and human trafficking.


Ti-Ratana Welfare Society is the biggest independent nonprofit organization in Kuala Lumpur. It runs three children’s homes for more than 250 children, a women’s shelter, and two Old Folks’ homes that house around 50 seniors. The society also operates mobile clinics that provide free medical services to residents in underserved areas.


A voluntary nonprofit organization, the Centre for Seniors, established in 2006, helps ensure the total well-being of seniors in Singapore. The center particularly develops and provides training programs for older people to help promote their continuous employment. It also provides programs for human resource personnel, managers, and union leaders.


SAGE is a non-religious and multi-ethnic voluntary welfare organization in Singapore. The nonprofit was established in 1991 to be a  sounding board for elderly people who are troubled or lonely. Their Helpline grew and they eventually created a special counseling program for the needy seniors as well as their families. They provide help through acupuncture, counseling, employment, continuing education, and community service centers.


Children of vietnam is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that assists the poverty-stricken and homeless children of Da Nang. It provides scholarships, vocational training, after-school tutoring, nutritional support, agricultural support, modern medical care, the sponsorship of prosthetic devices and wheelchairs for children, and housing for destitute youth.

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