Situated in Cambodia’s Siem Reap Province, Phnom Kulen National Park is revered for its connection to early Khmer culture, its enchanting natural scenery, and its archaeological ruins.  The park is home to Kulen Mountain, a peak that is still sacred to Cambodians. Famous for its waterfalls, Phnom Kulen National Park is filled with scenic wonders that make it one of Cambodia’s most spectacular destinations.

Phnom Kulen water fall.

Phnom Kulen Water Fall. Photo by: Wikipedia

The Waterfalls
Phnom Kulen National Parks boasts two main waterfalls. One measures roughly twenty meters in height while the other is about five meters in height. The waterfalls and their pools are popular among all who explore the park. After hiking through the terrain and visiting the archeological ruins, visitors enjoy cooling off in the water and staring about at the incredible views. Jungle-like terrain surrounds the waterfalls that are actually enlarged during the rainy season. If you are traveling in the vicinity of the park, you should certainly witness the majesty of these picturesque waterfalls.

Preah Ang Thom

Preah Ang Thom. Photo by: Wikipedia

Preah Ang Thom
Also known as the Big Buddha, Preah Ang Thom is located at the top of the mountain where it attracts many pilgrims and sightseers. Constructed during the sixteenth century and carved into a sandstone boulder, the statue is 8 meters long and measures 7.5 meters in height. There are also spectacular views of the surrounding forest from the mountaintop where the statue resides. For travelers looking to experience a spiritual journey, a trip to mountaintop is bound to be

Terrace of Sdach Kamlung
The famed Terrace of Sdach Kamlung was covered by lava for many hundreds of years. The plain terrace and temple ruins draw many visitors. Scientists think the site was historically an active volcano. Therefore, the site is quite interesting for visitors who are interested in geology as well the region’s cultural attractions.

1000 Linga. Photo by: Lostmanproject

1000 Linga. Photo by: Lostmanproject

Temple Ruins and Linga 1000
Scattered throughout the jungle around the waterfalls are various ruined temples. Archeologists believe there are upwards of thirty temples that have recently been discovered with the help of technology. Travelers come from the world over to search the landscape for evidence of temple ruins and to enjoy the natural scenery. The Linga 1000 are a gathering of Hindu statues situated on the banks of the river.

Visiting the Phnom Kulen National Park
Phnom Kulen National Park boasts many tours that allow visitors to enjoy the full experience that the park affords. With guides available, travelers will be able to learn about the various ruins of the park and to see all the must-see sites. The weather can be hot, of course, so be sure to dress accordingly–especially so you can cool off under the waterfalls.

Area Accommodations age 2 of 2
There are many hotels in the area of Phnom Kulen. Many guests favor the traditional-style architecture of the Angkor Rural Boutique. The Angkor Era Hotel features a stunning pool and sumptuous rooms. The Angkor Voluntary Guesthouse is a smaller venue that is ideal for guests who prefer a more cozy setting.


Angkor Siem Reap

Angkor Siem Reap. Photo by: Conde Nast Traveller

Siem Reap
Phnom Kulen is a popular day trip from Siem Reap, which, of course, the threshold to the Angkor region. Siem Reap boasts many attractions that make it an excellent base for making excursions like one to Phnom Kulen. Noted for its Chinese and French architecture, celebrated resorts, and Old Market, Siem Reap is a popular destination all its own. Siem Reap attracts visitors from the world over. If you are traveling there, be sure to include a trip Phenom Kulen.

Cambodia boasts many national parks and cultural attractions. If you prefer a remote setting with both natural and cultural significance, be sure to plan a trip to Phnom Kulen. The park is remarkable for so many reasons and the experiencing of witnessing its attractions will likely prove to be a memorable one.

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