Throughout time, cats have been regarded as complex, almost mystical beings. They are complicated creatures, and have been known to readily baffle their human counterparts. Siamese cats, in particular, are known for both their capacity to love, as well as their penchant to confound.

Native to Thailand (formerly Siam), Siamese cats have worked and lived closely with humans for hundreds of years. The early descendents of the breed were known for their triangular heads, as well as their lean, elongated bodies. While generations of interbreeding have changed them considerably, they are still celebrated for many of their underlying traits. Modern Siamese have maintained their almond-shaped eyes and angular heads, as well as their short, shiny coat of hair. The breed is known to be muscular, yet graceful.

Originally, Siamese cats were owned exclusively by royalty or the considerably wealthy. They were regarded as a symbol of fortune and were said to bring luck to their human friends.

Though much about the breed remains a mystery due to the lack of historical records, it is generally accepted that the original cats from Thailand were eventually bred with their Egyptian cousins, leading to the beautiful, complex creatures we know today.

Identified by their “points,” or colored markings located on various parts of the body, Siamese cats of varying breeds soon began to thrive outside of their Asian powerbase; gaining popularity among breeders in both the UK and The United States.

Siamese cats are widely considered to be very intelligent animals. They tend to enjoy socializing, be it with humans or other members of the feline persuasion. With this in mind, they are generally known to be quite the talkers. Vocalizations run the full gamut from sweet and adorable, to chilling and more than a little disconcerting. While a generalized sort of “meow” would suffice for other cats, Siamese have quite a vocal range at their disposal – and they aren’t afraid to use it. Many a human has rushed into an adjoining room after hearing pure terror in the shrieks of their feline companion, only to be met with a stoic gaze from a cat sitting comfortably in the middle of the floor.

Another interesting, if understated aspect of the Siamese complex is their eye contact.  It’s fairly unique to the breed and typically only noticed by those close to them. While seen as a threat by most animals, Siamese cats are known to stare lovingly and almost longingly into the eyes of their human friends. They tend to form a tight bond with their caretaker, but are also known to be quite friendly and social in the presence of others, as well.

Because of their companionship and occasionally strange behavior, Siamese cats are often described as being more dog-like in nature. They’re known to be quite good with children and other animals, and generally require quite a bit of mistreatment to draw their ire. They’re exceptionally playful creatures, regardless of age, and tend to live well on into their teenage years. Many are even known to play “fetch.”

With such a rich heritage, one can almost feel the grace and elegance permeating throughout these cats. They carry themselves in such a way as to almost defy their primal origins. While occasionally a bit more complicated than other breeds, most people who experience the affable countenance of a Siamese, will soon find there is simply no substitute. They become Siamese “lifers,” almost immediately. While their history remains shrouded in mystery in many respects, Siamese cats won’t soon lose their appeal. In the end, to know one, is to love one.

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